Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Baskets Are Fun To Make! Sometimes You want to get creative. Here are a few Easter basket ideas we hope you enjoy this Easter.

Tutu Easter Basket

Make a cute tutu basket. Get fabric and place around top edge of basket. Add any colors
you want, until you get the desired fullness of the tutu you desire. Add flowers ribbons.
Anything to get that look you want.


Ninja Turtle Basket

Crochet a simple Ninja turtle Basket. If you don’t know how to crochet, take a class. This
takes patience and can be very calming. For a short cut, buy an already made crochet basket
in green. Buy a color fabric like in this example blue, then buy white and black fabric for
eyes. Add fabric to create the ninja face you want.


Adult Easter Basket

Adults love Easter too! In this basket, you can take miniature alcohol bottles and but them
in plastic eggs. Cut tops of eggs off to fit bottle. This is a fun way to give adults hidden
goodies they may enjoy.


Edible Easter Baskets

These yummy Easter baskets are great for everyone to enjoy. Bake your favorite cupcake.
Decorate the top with green frosting, to look like grass. Then add jelly beans or other
candy to make the handle and eggs inside. Tasty treats for all ages.

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