California Vaccine Bill SB227 Thoughts

WattsTV Episode 45 June 27, 2015 Mike Watts explores behind the scenes of the California Vaccine Bill.
Here is all of the sources and what you can do: SB227 is a bill in California that makes it mandatory people (babies) get vaccinated with various vaccines on a set schedule with absolutely no exceptions/exemptions. Whether you are pro or anti vaccine, this bill is a terrifying affront to our personal liberties, giving the government the power to dictate what we put in our bodies.

It just passed the California Assembly. Next step is sign off by the Governor. Please call or fax his office and request he vetoes it or adds a religious exemption. JERRY BROWN (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160 Let’s stand up for our rights together. With enough of our voices heard, we can sway his decision.

Sources: The Doctor: Bill Info: CDC: Bill Info: Bill Info: Bill Info: CNN Article: Want More Mike: Website: Twitter: IG: Facebook:

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