5 Tips to Keep it spicy, after having kids

It’s Important to keep your Relationship Alive after you have kids!

1. Meaningful Conversations – Talk to each other, not just about the kids, but really talk. Talk about
how you’re feeling, hopes, goals, dreams, never lose site of what your partner loves, wants, needs.
Also, continue making each other smile and laugh. Laughter soothes the soul.

2. Date Night – You must spend time together, alone without the kids. Whether it’s a monthly date out, or
weekend away. Even having movie night at home when your kids are sleeping. Make it about you two! No kids
talk on these occasions. Focus on you two.

3. Family #1 – Make your home life, number one. Nourishing your relationship with your partner and
not just on your kids, shows your kids a healthy strong foundation. Also, once your children grow up
and move out, it’s back to just you two. So ensure that you haven’t lost the bond that you had before
you had children. Many people lose site of that, and only focus on the kids. Must be balanced.

4. Intimacy & Romance – Keep that spark high. Cute/funny notes in his lunch, Flowers for her, just because.
Hold each other, caress each other. Being intimate is key, since the physical act releases endorphins, it
helps takes away stress, pain, it boosts the immunity. Making your body, mind and soul, feeling amazing.

5. Spirituality – Depending on your beliefs, this is important as it drives the path of your ongoing
relationship as a family. Whether it’s going to church together, praying together, meditating together,
taking long walks appreciating nature together. It’s important to have that spiritual bond.

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