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    5 Tips to Keep it spicy, after having kids

    It’s Important to keep your Relationship Alive after you have kids! 1. Meaningful Conversations – Talk to each other, not just about the kids, but really talk. Talk about how you’re feeling, hopes, goals, dreams, never lose site of what your partner loves, wants, needs. Also, continue making each other smile and laugh. Laughter soothes […]

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    5 signs your kid may be a genius

    According to Behavioral Health Specialist about 3 million U.S. kids in grades K-12 are considered gifted. 1. Your child speaks at a very early age and has a large vocabulary. 2. Your child is an early reader with a preference for advanced topics. 3. Your child has unique hobbies and interests that are advanced. 4. […]

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    Kids get Diabetes too!

    When kids get type 1 diabetes, it’s because their bodies can’t make insulin anymore. The insulin-making cells in the pancreas (say: PAN-kree-us) get destroyed, and it doesn’t have anything to do with eating sugar. Kids with diabetes can eat some sweets — as part of a balanced, healthy diet. Like everyone else,a person with diabetes shouldn’t eat […]