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    Baked good and more!

    You can never go wrong with baked goodies! Candy, cookies, cup cakes, pie and much more. Everyone loves yummy treats, you can even throw in some hot chocolate or tea packets too! Whether you put them in boxes, mason jars, bags. These treats are always welcomed during the Holidays!

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    BBQ Love!

    Whether he or she loves to cook up some bbq, this gift is great! Make you’re own rub and own bbq sauce. Package them up in mason jars and they’ll enjoy this yummy treat! Rub suggestions: Sweet & Spicy -Brown Sugar -Cajun Seasonings Sweet -Honey -Brown Sugar Spicy -Chili powder -Cajun Seasing *Make your own […]

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    Homemade Picture Frames

    These homemade picture frames, touch the heart! Capture a picture that you know means something special. Then make a homemade frame out of almost anything! -Legos -Sticks -Stones -Buttons -Bottle caps -Flowers and leaves -Paper clips -Pennies – Much more…..**Get Creative**

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    The benefits of sharing family stories with your children

    Sharing family stories with your children benefits them in the most positive way! Experimental studies show that when parents learn to reminisce about everyday events and share their family history with their children, those children benefit in many ways. To keep it short and sweet, here are some of the benefits: 1. Children tell richer, […]

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    How to keep your kids safe this Halloween

    Keep your kids safe this Halloween: 1. Trick or treat with your children, or ensure they go with a large group, never alone. 2. Use cross walks and abide by traffic signals, signs when crossing streets. (Look both ways) 3. Pay attention to your surroundings. Just because you’re following the law, doesn’t mean others are. […]

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    Junior fellow researchers highlight importance of vaccination

    The upcoming flu season inspires a group of young vaccine researchers in Gothenburg to encourage people at risk to go and get their shot. The vaccine is a safe protection against potential serious consequences, they state. They are six graduate students and recent PhDs from different countries, working within The Mucosal Immunobiology and Vaccine Center […]

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    Mom Sending Kids Off On First Day School

    Every mother knows the struggle of letting her child go to school for the first time. Looking back or looking forward, this clip will always be dear to a parent’s heart. Youtube Original Link:

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    Kids party goes badly wrong after vicious catfight between mums

    The children’s party from Hell: Video: Russian birthday bash descends into an eight-woman catfight after one mother complains about a child’s behavior. A children’s birthday party ended in disaster, after a group of mothers starting punching and kicking each other in a vicious catfight. The extraordinary scene was captured on video in the town […]

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    How to Save a Marriage/Relationship in Crisis

    Amy Waterman “Save my Marriage” Learn to save your marriage or relationship with Amy Waterman “Save My Marriage Today”. I recently purchase this course to avoid a costly counseling session with my counselor. Don’t rule your marriage or relationship out yet, without viewing this course. I was in Awe by the end of the course! […]

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    Mega Meltdown Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

    Expert life hacker Sunny is back with some mega melting hacks. From fun crayon hearts and multi-color sun catchers to the ultimate jolly rancher popsicle, Sunny hacks are so awesome they will melt your minds! Get the scoop on the melted hacks right here! Youtube: DreamworksTV

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    Ex-Husband Of Kim Davis Defends Her Anti-Same Sex Marriage Stand – TMFS Sketch

    In a TMFS Sketch, the third ex-husband of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis supports her refusal of licenses for same sex-marriages. The Matthew Filipowicz Show is an independent, progressive political talk show featuring liberal and progressive news, talk, interviews, and comedy hosted by comedian, cartoonist, and satirist Matthew Filipowicz New videos every weekday. Matthew’s work […]

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    Family Rain Party

    We were driving through Indiana when the rain just started POURING. Now, I know for us California people, any rain seems like a lot, but this really was a HUGE storm. We could hardly drive through it because the windshield wipers couldn’t go fast enough to clear the window. Finally, we pulled off the freeway […]