Kids party goes badly wrong after vicious catfight between mums

The children’s party from Hell:


Russian birthday bash descends into an eight-woman catfight after one mother complains about a child’s behavior. A children’s birthday party ended in disaster, after a group of mothers starting punching and kicking each other in a vicious catfight. The extraordinary scene was captured on video in the town of Serpukhov in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region. Toddlers and young children look on horrified as a disagreement over a child’s behaviour escalates into physical violence.

At one point, Serbian father Negosh Bugarin, 44, who had been drinking during the party, hits one of the mothers so hard in the face as she tries to intervene that she falls to the ground. The incident was sparked when a mum, reportedly called Anastasia, complained about the behaviour of one of the children in the soft play area. But after the child’s mother takes offence, it leads to an ugly confrontation between Anastasia and the other mothers at the leisure centre party.

Within seconds the group of women begin punching, kicking and pulling each others’ hair. A young girl can be seen trying to rescue the beaten woman from the violent group, but is forced back. Another woman in an orange top tries to intervene on Anastasia’s behalf, but is pulled away by Bugarin, who punches her twice and she falls to the ground. Security guards were forced to step in and pull Anastasia to safety.

The birthday party was called to a halt on the spot and the group who had attacked the mother took their children and left the scene shortly before police arrived. Police said Bugarin, who is known to them, drove through a red light on the way home and been accused of drink driving and assault.

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